About the Warwick Valley History Website

"Warwick Valley History" has been created by community volunteers and is hosted and supported by the Albert Wisner Public Library. It is intended to serve information needs about the local area, primarily for the residents of the Warwick Valley School District area which the Library serves, and others who may be researching the Valley.

This information will be expanded on and upgraded regularly in our goal of providing more comprehensive coverage in an easily accessed form; however, since the amount of information is vast and our time is volunteered, please be patient with our limitations! Exclusion of certain areas and topics is most likely not an editorial decision, but merely because "we haven't gotten there yet."

Criteria for inclusion in this page include:

Community volunteers who have a particular area of knowledge or expertise are encouraged to contribute to these pages. E-mail us, phone, or stop by and let us know what you would like to see included; submissions may be handwritten, typewritten, or a word processing document (please provide hardcopy as well in case we have trouble with different word processing formats). Give us your name and phone number, and provide written answers to these questions: