Can you believe this story!! Below is a picture of the hand bell that stood on the teachers desk in the Bellvale Schoolhouse. When the school and it's contents were auctioned off in about 1960 this bell was bought by Florence Atton Quackenbush (seen in photo on circus page) From Flo it was passed down to her daughter Doris Atton Humphrey. Doris says she has traveled the country always packing the bell and taking it along. She now resides in Mississippi. Last Friday(May 7, 2004) I recieved a SURPRIZE package in the mail. I was so excited to open, it even more when I saw that it was from Doris because she has already mailed me pictures in the past to share. Well, Icouldn't believe my eyes!!! There in the box was that very bell.....I wonder how many teachers have called how many classes to order using that bell???

So many years have gone by and now it is back in Bellvale thanks to Doris's generosity!!!