Along Cascade Road

This is a photo of the Benjamin Ashley home taken in the 1940's along Cascade Road. The house is still standing, though I'm sure it has changed somewhat since then. Thanks to Sandy and Ron Sisco for sending these photos!

Ron wrote to say:

"This is my grandfather Benjamin Ashley at his portable steam powered sawmill near Buttermilk Falls. It's along the brook where George Brunj lives today.
My grandmother Montanye's brother was killed there when he was caught in the saw and after that my grandfather never worked the saw again. The picture was taken in 1918."

A postcard of Buttermilk Falls

In 1889 when the Rising Star was being published, it referred to the land along Cascade Road as:
" The large, now unihabited, tract of land two miles or more south of Bellvale was 100 years ago(1789) occupied by a number of families, filling an important position in the community, among which were the Finns, Scues, Halls, Lockwoods, and others." 25
On page 27 it goes on to say " Jonas Lockwood, one of those who deserted their mountain homes south of Bellvale, and son Norman, with their families are residents of Cherokee, Iowa.

We can't imagine now deserting such a beautiful mountain area but life then was harsh and winters severe. They would have to have enough supplies and food to get them through the winter because it would have been so difficult to travel through the snow on the rough roads.