Clark Cemetery


On Cascade Road there is a tombstone belonging to Timothy Clark, aged 58y10m8d and his wife Rosanah aged 70y5m7d.

The following was told to me by Thelma Savale who lives near where these stones are and has seen them:

"According to legend, (Timothy) Clark was killed by Claudius Smith (or some of Smith's men). Smith's scull is perported to have been put in the keystone of the OLD Orange County Courthouse after he was hanged there. Smith's gang rustled cattle from the colonists to suppy British troops. Local farmers used to drive their cows up Cascade Road for summer pasturing. So that part fits. I don't know if that's the reason Clark was murdered, but... and apparently Smith would get the cattle over to Tuxedo and ship them down the Ramapo to feed the troops. There is a cave on the mountain across from the Tuxedo Public School (or near there) where Smith supposedly hid out. Getting the cattle to Tuxedo from Cascade Road also would make sense. There is (or was) a path that started somewhere on the old Rialto Property and went directly to Greenwood Lake. My uncle, Jim Turner, made a bet with his GWL fire company that he could walk to Bellvale faster than their truck could get there. He won. So that part makes sense, also. The gang could easily drive cattle over that path and never be seen. This is purely conjecture on my part, but...sounds like Smith could have had some 'easy pickin's' and Clark got in the way?"