Cemetery Project


I enjoy taking pictures with my digital camera and have accumulated many photographs of the tombstones in the Warwick cemeteries. If you are looking up an ancestor who died previous to 1900 in the Warwick area I might have a photo of their tombstone or be able to find it for you and can email it to you. I have enhanced some tombstones to make them clearer but some are just impossible to read because of weathering or destruction. Unfortunatley too, is that many of the very early tombstones were just field stones with no incriptions at all and we will never know whose they are. Also,the more information you can supply about the ancestor and the possible cemetery location the easier it will be for me to locate the photo or stone. On the individual cemetery listing pages you will see a * in the column for the ones I do have available now.

I will do lookups and digital photos for the following cemeteries:

Bradner-Bellvale, NY
Locust Hill(Belcher)-Warwick, NY
Minthorn-Bellvale, NY
Noble -Bellvale, NY
Old School Baptist-Warwick, NY

Smith Cemetery-Chester, NY
Warwick Cemetery-Warwick, NY-limited
Wilson-Bellvale, NY

I don't ask anything for emailed photos except patience! This is an on going project so if I don't have the cemetery listed or a * next to the name in the tables check back later.

Send your email request to:

Cemetery Project