The Wilson Homestead

The above photo is of the Wilson home, one of the very old homes in Bellvale. This is a postcard probably done about 1934. The Wilson family were the owners of a large portion of the land on which Bellvale is built. They were very active in the formation of the Methodist Church and before the church was actually built, services were held at this home. A number of the members of this family are buried in the Wilson cemetery. (See the Wilson family tree here.) When the 1850 census was taken these were the people who lived here at that time:

Wilson, Samuel 47 m- farmer
Wilson,(Conklin) Sally L. 40 f
Wilson, Nathan B. 21 m -farmer
Wilson, Caroline 17 f
Wilson, Ananais 18 m -farmer
Wilson, Ann E. 15 f
Wilson, Joseph 9 m
Wilson, Samuel Jr. 7 m
Wilson, Ellen 5 f
Wilson, Gertrude 2 f
Wilson, William 4 months

In the early 1900's this home was used as a boarding house for many of the summer visitors spending time in Bellvale. Most people will remember this as the home of the Ernhout family and the Ernhout Poultry Farm. Below is the aerial photo of the poultry farm taken around the 1960's. *Thanks go to the Ernhout's for sending the photo to share!




* personal photo collection