Bennett Home

I don't know the exact age of this home but one of the earliest owners was Peter Bennett. His brother Adam owned the land and home adjacent to this on the side closer to Bellvale. Peter Bennett moved to Colorado and sold this property to Samuel A. Monell about who we have a little more information. Click on the name and you will see the family descendant outline. Samuel Monell was married four times and had children with each of his first two wives.

From the book, The Genealogy of the Monell Family, by Wesley L. Baker :

Mr. Sayer states that Samuel was a brickmaker in Haverstraw, later at Canturbury and New Windsor, and that he came to Warwick and bought the Peter Bennett farm on the back road from Bellvale to SugarLoaf. He continues "while here he also ran a brickyard on an adjoining farm Then he sold his farm moved to Woolseyville, NY, near Owego. From there he went to California, then to Colorado to his son Peter and finally to Warwick to his daughter Mary where he died. Fred Raynor states that Samuel Monell made the bricks used to build the ME Church in Warwick, the schoolhouse in Bellvale and Sugar Loaf.