This house was known as the Old Aunt Hannah Clark Place in the Bellvale Rising Star. Jedediah Sears(Sayres) owned the property before and from him it went to James Clark and then to his widow Hannah Clark. In the 1850 census Hannah Clark was 87 years old so she was born around 1763. Living with her then was John and Catherine Hunt with their children Sarah age 11, Hannah L. age 8 and Dubois, age 5. There was also a Hannah Mabee, age 67(born abt. 1783)living with them. By 1863 ownership of the house had gone from Hannah Clark to John Hunt. After that to John Hunt'son, Dubois Hunt, and then to Sidney Quackenbush. In 1889 the newspaper mentions thatSidney built a new ice house sized 18x30, with 16 ft. posts. At a later date it was owned by Mr. Howard Perry who was married to Florence Quackenbush. In the 1970's I believe the house and property were auctioned, seperately and Albert Buckbee bought most of the acreage and the Jim Henry family bought the house.

There is the story of some tombstones having been found in Mr Perry's barn.They are now in the possesion of the Warwick Historical Society. No one knows exactly where the stones came from but my guess is that they must have been on the Hall property across from the Bellvale Methodist Church, now the Iron Forge Inn property. Two of the stones have the name " Hall" on them( Stephen Hall and his wife Elizabeth) This property was owned by the Hall family at some earlier time. Perhaps this was part of a small graveyard associated with the Methodist Church. This needs to be researched further.........another puzzle to figure out!!

In Memory of
Wife of Stephen Hall who died October 5, 1849

Age 84 years 5 months and 16 days.

(Born about 1765 based on this information)