Minthorne Homestead

These are the two homes that are on what I believe to be the original Nathaniel and Hannah Minthorne Homestead. I believe the smaller one on the right is the first home built somewhere around the late 1700's. It was rebuilt in the 1920's as a tenant house but I believe the foundation is the original. This is the home I lived in for many years as a child and a place I truly loved. The owner of the property at that time(1950's-1960's) was Albert Buckbee. I believe the larger house that Mr. Buckbee lived in was built around the 1850's by another family(possibly Forshee or VanDuzer). Behind these two houses are a number of barns and sheds.

There is a cemetery on this property which we kids explored in all the time. There is only one marked stone with the name of John Minthorne on it.(Died 1806 of thyphoid fever at age 19). I remember Mr. Buckbee telling me that there were many more stones there but they were not engraved just fieldstone markers. As an adult I went back and looked for them and did find quite a few. My curiosity grew about who these other stones belonged to and so began my search on the Minthorne family. I have learned much about the family through my own and other peoples research. Check my links page for a site with more about this family.

I believe that Nathaniel Minthorne, his wife Hannah Grant, his brother Captain John Minthorne, and some of their children are buried there. I have no proof but have searched many other possibilities and I think this is it. There is a stone in the large Warwick Cemetery for Captain John's wife with dates and her age on it and for other Minturn's with dates but the one for Captain Minthorne only states "In Memory of " with no dates. The DAR records state that he is buried in an unkown gravesite.

More to future.