People We Remember from Bellvale
If someone you remember from Bellvale is not listed here please send me their information. I don't mean to knowingly limit the list, but
but my memory does !!!
When know maiden name is in (parenthesis)
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Last Name, First Name Lifetime
Batz, Fred I 1902-1975
Batz, Fred II 1928-2005
Beatty, Newman  
Benedict, Raymond 1919-1978
Bogart, Andrew C. 1922-1991
Boggio, Frank  
Boyle, John 1937-1995
Bradner, Anna (Rutan)  
Bradner, Harry C. 1889-1976
Buckbee, Albert  
Buckbee, Edith  
Buckbee, Myra(Ball)  
Buckbee, Wisner Sr.  
Castaldo, Eugene 1929-1994
Catalano, Eleanor 1937-2000
Coppner, Sophia 1899-1981
Degraw, George Sr.  
Degraw, Margaret F. 1919-1999
Gesell, Doris (Bradner)  
Gesell, Skiz  
Grohoski, Marge (Bradner)  
Heitmann, Henry 1914-1993
Held, Jane -2005
Houston, Andrew 1893-1981
Houston, Carol  
Houston, Clara  
Houston, Edgar  
Houston, Florence 1874-1979
Houston, Helen 1896-1992
Houston, Pamela  
Humphreys, John 1945-2009
Kain, Lawrence, 1895-1983
Kilmmer, John R. 1937-2001
Kohrmann, Andrew 1910-1979
Luckman, Kenneth 1924-2002
Mabee, Preston S 1929-2005
Malocsay, Eber 1933-1982
Phillips, Dorothy (Bradner) 1915-2005
Quackenbush, Arthur Sr. 1892-1987
Quackenbush, Dudley  
Quackenbush, Florence(Flo)  
Quackenbush, Jesse 1910-1974
Quackenbush, Kenneth  
Quackenbush, Louise (Rutan) 1899-1985
Quackenbush, Mary J.(Odell) 1927-2001
Riggs, Andrew H. 1910-1998
Rudy, Mark 1950-2003
Savale Thelma I 1910-2002
Scollan, Francis M. 1938-2003
Smeltzer, Russell D. 1938-2002
Spadavecchia, Anthony 1929-1995
Sperry, Edward  
Sperry, Jean  
Sperry, Lee 1948-2002
Sperry, Richard  
Umhey, Charles 1904-1978
Umhey, Florrie 1919-2005
Umhey, James 1941-2006
VanAlst, Phoebe  
VanDuynhoven, John Jr.  
VanDuynhoven, John Sr.  
VanDuynhoven, Maria  
Voorhis, Allan A. 1929-1994
Vozza, Marian (Degraw-Rudy) 1925-2005
Weber, Erich 1902-1971
Willemse, Cornelia A. 1910-1996
Willemse, Lambertus 1903-1969

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