Most Ancient of Applejack Mills Now Closed Down
On April 23, 1919 an article originally from the Newark Sunday Call appeared in the Warwick Valley Dispatch and stated that the Sayer Distillery had closed one year previous. The still was brought from Europe and operated in Newburgh for many years and around 1812 was bought by the Sayers and moved to Warwick. It was supposed to have been the oldest in the United States.
Obviously there was an abundant source of apples available even back then because it said the Sayer still produced 20,000 gallons a year and it was only one of 24 stills operating in Warwick!!
"Orange County was said to have paid $125,000. per year in tax on apple brandy, more than twice as much as any other county in the Union paid on spirits distilled from fruit.

I guess the AppleFest is not a new celebration in Warwick. The festivities must have been pretty good to continue for that long a time.