School Teachers in Bellvale

Paul R. Brown David T. Foss
Joel Armstrong Mr. Johnson
Aaron V. Hill J.L. Sayer
James B. Wood Miss Shorter
George S. Conklin Thomas G. Prendergast
James Hulse John Lane
Charles Jessup Miss Monell
Ira Olmstead Miss Clark
Harvey Reed  
The above teachers all taught previous to 1852. The names below taught from 1852 to 1889
Charles J. Doherty A.J. Curtis
William H. Gardner W. H. Kanouse
George W. Comstock Kate Cooper
David G. Leslie George T. Baxter
David H. VanDuzer Charles Rose
Cordelia Burt Fannie Rude
James H. Coles Miss Corliss
Julia Benedict Mary H. Wisner
Isaac T. Birdsell Kate Quackenbush
Mary J. Sly Miss McMullen
Annie Corlee Josephine Howe
M. Van Ostrand Thomas Kane
William H. McElroy I. W. Litchfield
C. Williams Addie Quackenbush
Robert W. Rude George H. Brooks
Emma Machett O. E. Shaul
Mark E. Rude B. W. Winters
Addie Cox Frank H. Wilcox
Annie McElroy Dora VanDervelde
T. Brown Henry W. Saxe
This list may not include all names as there had never been complete records kept. It is also current only up to 1889, the year in which it was first compiled for the Rising Star newspaper. I will try to get records for the teachers subsequent to 1889 and post them here as time allows.