Wood Family Will

In the Name of God Amen. I Israel Wood of the Precinct of Goshen in ye County of Orange and Province of New York Being But Weak in Body yet thro Devine Goodness of a Sound and Perfect understanding and memory Do Constitue this my Last Will and Testament and Desire it may Be Received by all as Such: First I most Humbly Bequeath My Soul to its Great former God Beseeching His Most gracious acceptance of it: thro the All Sufficient merits & meditations of my Most Dear and Compasionate Redeemer, Jesus Christ who Gave himself for me and is able to Save to the uttermost all That Come unto God By him: Seeing He maketh Continual Intersession Before the throne of God Who I trust will not Reject unworthy me. In this Hope and Confidence I Render up my Soul with Comfort into the Hands of God the Father Son and Holy Ghost Who I Trust While here will Hide me in his Pavillion and at my dissolution will take me into those mansions of Everlasting Bliss forever to Swim and Dive in those Rivers that are at his Right Hand Amen. First I Give my Body to the Earth from Whence it was Taken in full Assurance of its Resurrection from thence at the Last Day: As to my Burial I Desire it may Be Done in a Decent manner at ye Descression of my Executors Here after Named As to my Worldly Estate I Do Will and Positively order that all my Lawful Debts Be paid. Item. I Give and Bequeth to my Well Beloved Wife Ruth the Priviledge of the Best Room on my homestead and a sufficient Maintenance out of the Same During the Term of her Remaining my Widow and if at any time She Doth conclude that She is ill used My two sons George and Daniel is to Give her their mother Ten Pounds a peice yearly and _____? While she Remains my widow. Item I Give and Bequeath to my Beloved Son Abner Wood his heirs and assigns for ever to his sole and their sole and only Proper use Benefit and Behoof a Certain Tract of Land Containing one Hundred Acres Laying and Being Southardly of Garriot(Garret) Deckers farm. Bought of Mr. Wickham the first Day of July Seventeen Hundred & sixty Eight Reference Being had to a Bill of Sale Given By Sd(said) Wickham to me the Afforsd(afforsaid) Date will make so Lawfully appear * ( But if She Chooses to Live in a room By herself She is to have her Bed and furniture with all things fit for housekeeping and horse and saddle to ride abroad and Everything needed) Item I Give and Bequeath to my Beloved Son Eliphalat Wood his heirs and assigns forever to his and their only Sole Proper use Benefit and Behoof all the Remainder of Lands Bought of Mr. Wickham Being and Laying Westerly and Northerly of Sd(said) Decker Containing Sixty four acres and Twenty four Rods of Land as may appear By the affordsd Deed Reference there to Being had and a___? I do alow him to keep the Two mares Two cows and their young that he hath Now in possession to him and his forever. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter Mary Benidick(Benedict) To the Value of Seventy Pounds To Be paid as followeth ___?four (? Within one year after my Decease and within the year following two cows with calves and two __? Ponds in Cash york money or in Creatures as they can agree which I allow to Be the total Sum of what I have left her to Be paid by my Exectutors after Named out of my moviable Estate. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my two youngest Sons George Wood and Daniel Wood the Plantaion on which I now Live with all the appurtenancies thereunto Belonging to them their heirs and assigns forever The said farm Containing one Hundred and fifty five acres and one half acre to Be Equally Divided between them in Quantity and Quality Sd(said) Land Being Purchased of _? Vincent ___? By me as may fully appear By his Deed to me Reference there to Being had and also I __? Allow them to have all my moviable Estate in order to pay my Just Debt and to pay the Leagisies Before mentioned and I Do order and Allow them My sons George Wood and Daniel Wood To Take Good Care of their mother while she l;ives and at her Death to Bury her in a Decent manner and to Lert her have the Desposal of her Bed furniture and saddle at her pleasure at or just before her Decease and as they are to Pay off all my Just Debts they are hereby jointly Impowered By me to Receive all that is Due to me and I do hereby ordain and Constitute my Beloved Sons George Wood and Daniel Wood To Be my Sole and only Executors and I Do ordain and Constitute my trusty Friend John Wood(of Sugar Loaf) to take Care and see that my Executors act in all things agreeable to this my Last Will and Testament in Witness Where of I have hereunto set my hand and Seal and Do hereby Disanul all other and former will Declared and Expressed By me This 26th Day of August anno Domini 1774 Signed and Seald and Delivered in Presence of us David Demerest Nathan Gray John Hinnan? * notes made on bottom of will refer to this section.