Bringing It Home:
NYS Curriculum Connections to Warwick

Primary Documents, Maps & Folkways
by Sue Gardner

 Historical Society of the Town of Warwick
& Albert Wisner Public Library

Studying local history:

Prehistory: Geology

Prehistory: Paleontology

Warwick’s Prehistory: Archaeological Evidence
The Dutchess Quarry Caves & the Drowned Lands

Prehistoric remains found
in the Dutchess Quarry Caves

Warwick’s Prehistory: Archaeological Evidence

A Few of Warwick’s Native American Sites

Primary Document: Indian Deed of March 5, 1702-03

Primary Document: Early European Settlement

Primary Document: The King’s Highway

Primary Document: Colonial Era Map (1776)
Colonial Migrations & Culture, Land Claims, French & Indian War

Primary Document: Colonial Era Map
 (This map was drawn in 1776 from prior surveys)

Colonial Road Corridors: Opportunities for Growth

Colonial Roads

Few major land routes

Main roads went through New York City

Secondary route through Goshen/Warwick.

Colonial growth leads to problems with the English government.

It becomes necessary to avoid New York City during the War.

Iron Act Closes Lawrence Scrawley/Crowley’s Forge
in Bellvale

Some Colonial & Revolutionary Era Inns of Warwick

Sterling Iron Works:
British Invasion Halted by Local Iron

Primary Documents: Revolutionary Era
Visitors to Warwick

John Hathorn: Warwick’s Revolutionary Militia Leader

Revolutionary Era
Local Militia, Battles, Tories

Warwick in 1805 from Memoirs of Henry Pelton

Primary Document: Memoirs of Henry Pelton

Henry William Herbert: Species Change and Human Actions

Slavery in Warwick

Preludes to the Civil War: William Henry Seward

Advocate for Women’s Rights: Dr. Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck

Railroad Links Warwick to
Markets & Travel Destinations

Railroad Links Warwick to
Markets: Coal Fields of Pennsylvania to New England
Travel Destinations: NYC, Boston, Washington, Etc.

Primary Document: Railroad Timetable

1875 Map: Hamlet Life--Expansion & Inventions