Comparison of the 1805 map and the 1875 Town map shows a tremendous amount of growth in the Town.  Hamlets have grown up around town, and schools were usually centrally located within each school district.
Activity: Find Hamlets & Villages.  Each school district is a different color– how many school districts?  How did this affect who you knew?  What other social centers were there?
Changes in:
A.Transportation & Geography:
   Turnpikes & plant roads improving movement between population centers and markets.
   1810—Bellvale (later & Monroe) Turnpike
   c. 1811 Minisink & Warwick Turnpike
   Goshen and State Plank Road
   Warwick Valley Railroad in the 1860’s linking agricultural products with wider markets, nearness to NYC.
   Exploitation of resources: Mt. Adam Granite Co., Iron mines.
B. Technology:
   Inventions to improve the ability to produce & harvest more from the land.
   Iron mines become more profitable.

C. Environment: Draining Black Dirt, Beaver & Muskrat Wars. See Snell’s Drowned Lands of the Wallkill: