Primary Document: Early European Settlement
Deposition of David Davis
Relative to Maratanza Pond, Ulster County
From the Cadwallader Colden Papers, Vol. 7
Published in
Collections of the New York Historical Society”
For the year 1923
p. 55-56
“David Davis being Duely Sworn Deposeth and Saith that he is 75 years of
age—that in the Year 1712 he Lived at Warwick in Orange County With
Captain Aske—that at that time a Great Number of Indians Lived there that
he often heard the Indians Speak of a Pond on the Mountain between the
Drownded Land & Minisink which they called as he thinks Camallo—that
some time after being in Company with Lawrance Decker who understood
the Indian Language and Some Indians & mentioning the Name of the Pond
the Indians & Decker Laugh’d upon which this Deponan(t) asked Decker
what they Laugh’d when Decker said it was at the Name of the Pond which
Signify a Place where Young Indians & their Wives Mett & made Merry—
that in Perticular an Indian Called George who Could talk English….”
(further details about dispute over pond omitted)  [August 27, 1765]
Colonial settlement