Archaeological evidence of Native Americans is found throughout Warwick.
Here we see:
An Iroquois pot found on a rock ledge above Greenwood Lake by Maude Storms around 1932.  It is a rare example of a large, intact vessel.  At one time it was exhibited at the Museum of the American Indian in New York (now a part of the Smithsonian), but its current location is unknown.

Pottery shards which washed up on the shores of Greenwood Lake collected by Frank Welles.  The village of Quampium was at the north end of the lake, and is now under water.

The village of Mistucky was across the fields next to what is now the Pioneer Restaurant.

A Native American burial ground was destroyed when Southern Lane was put in, photos of the disturbed grave sites by Jack Webster were destroyed in a fire.

This scraping & cutting tool was found on Bellvale Mountain.  It has two blunt sides to fit into the hand comfortably, and a very sharp, serrated edge on the left for cutting and scraping.

The recently opened Black Creek Historic Site in Vernon, is one of the most significant Lenape heritage sites.