Warwick has a rich fossil record:  Quite a few mastodon skeletons and other prehistoric remains have been found in the black dirt.

The very first recorded mastodon remains found in North America, a set of weighty molars that seventeenth-century colonists mistook for the teeth of human giants, were found in New York State.

More on Peale’s mammoth, found near Newburgh in 1801, and discoveries in Montgomery:

Mammoth discovery in Chester in 1817:

“Glacial Lake Fairchild” is a name for the huge lake that covered the Drowned Lands and adjacent areas after the glaciers retreated.  It honors Herman Leroy Fairchild,  a geologist who studied and mapped  the Pleistocene glacial  period in New York State in the 1920’s and 30’s.  The name appears to have been given by scientist Gordon Connally. (information provided by Dr. Guy Robinson).