Primary Documents: Revolutionary Era
Visitors to Warwick
George Washington Papers at the Library of
Congress, 1741-1799: Series 5 Financial
Papers (Washington stopped at Warwick) by
Jonathan Trumbull Jr., July, 1782,
Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and
Receipted Accounts 2
Other visitors included:
May 20, 1779:
“This morning the weather still continued
rainy necessity obliged us to continue the
march, the traveling is extremely bad, and 9
o’clock made a halt at a small village called
Warwick, NY, six miles. Here we took
breakfast at Baird’s Tavern, from whence we
proceeded on the march to Hardiston, NJ 7
miles .”These troops were on the march to
join Gen. Sullivan’s expedition against the
Oct. 20, 1779: 3d Regiment Continental Line,
Capt. Phillip Du Bois Beiver & Lieut. Frees
Dec. 6, 1782 the Marquis de Chastellux, part of
the French delegation.
Other records of visitors
Revolutionary War