Sterling Iron Works:
British Invasion Halted by Local Iron
January 14, 1778
“…Your committee, who were sent
to ascertain the place for fixing a
chain and erecting fortifications for
obstructing the navigation of
Hudson’s river, beg leave to
report… From these considerations,
the committee are led to conclude
that the most proper place to
obstruct the navigation of the river is
at West Point..” Jno. Sloss
Hobart,Henry Wisner,John
Hathorn,Zepha. Platt [Included as
note, Public Papers of George
Clinton Vol. II No. 1021]
West point
Map drawn
description of
a deserter,
1779. From
the Library of
The Great Chain
helped save the
war; Warwick’s
John Hathorn
penned the report
about its
placement, and
the Sterling Forge
created it.
Ruins of
Sterling Forge
Revolutionary War; Resource Use; Modifying Environment