Place Names and Historic Hamlets

Generations of residents who have lived and worked in the Warwick area gave names to the places they have known. Some of these names have fallen into disuse over time, but many of them remain. A few of these are listed below. Historical name listed first, followed by current place name or approximate location in parentheses.

Amity (Off Rt. 1) Brooklyn (now Village of Florida)
Drowned Lands (now Pine Island)
Dutch Hollow (head of Greenwood Lake)
Jockey Hollow (now New Milford)
Little York (approx. 1 mile from Pine Island)
Long Pond (now Greenwood Lake)
Mistucky (Native American village off Rt. 94 south of Village of Warwick)
New Milford (Rt. 94 several miles south of Warwick Village) Perry's Pond (now Wickham Lake)
Pochuck (now Amity)
Postville (now Edenville)
Sterlington (foot of Sterling Lake)
Wawayanda (now Bellvale)
Wawayanda (Sterlington)

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