Meet the Artist: Photojournalist Robert Demetry

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On exhibit throughout December in the Gallery on the lower level: Talking Pictures: 50 years of Photo Journalism by Robert Demetry.
Robert Demetry will be on hand to discuss his work with interested gallery visitors. On display are many of the photos that have garnered international, national and regional awards.
Robert Demetry belongs to a special breed of news reporters. He has the instincts of a newsman, but as a photographer, he also has the compulsive desire to share his pictures with others. He is a "photojournalist."
For more than a half century, his story-telling images have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines of local, national and international significance. "A seasoned photojournalist not only tells his story visually but quickly," says Mr. Demetry. "He rarely dawdles. His captions are fact-packed, concise. His pictures get directly to the point."
All of his images have been "prize winners" in print, capturing the imagination of artistic judges and captivating newspaper readers' eyes and emotions. His pictures have talked to them...and now they will talk to you.

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