Meet the Artist Reception: Photographer Peter Kopher

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Meet photographer Peter Kopher.  His work is currently on display in the Community Room on the Lower Level.

Peter A. Kopher worked in television production for 40 years as a lighting designer and stagehand. Retired now, he spends his time pursuing his passion for still photography.  Peter's photographs, which are a mixture of abstracts, architecture, landscapes and "found" objects, also include out-of-the-ordinary details that might not normally be noticed.  His work has been exhibited at many galleries in New York, as well as in Minneapolis, MN, Fairfield, IA and Plymouth, MA.  Over 4,000 of his photos - and some digital artworks, as well - can be viewed online at and

Peter and his wife Sally formerly lived in a large housebarge on the Great South Bay in Seaford, NY - afloat amidst a large, ever-changing, de facto wildlife preserve - until Hurrricane Sandy left them high and dry.  Originally from Massapequa, NY, Peter and his wife Sally now reside in Warwick, NY.

Room set-up