Monday Afternoon @ the Movies - "Churchill"

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(2017) Starring Brian Cox and Miranda Richardson.  In June, 1944, the Allied Forces stand on the brink of the greatest invasion of history: D-Day and the landing on the beaches of Normandy. But even as close to one million Allied soldiers are secretly assembled on the south coast of England preparing to invade Nazi-occupied Europe, Great Britain's iconic Prime Minister Winston Churchill struggles with the decision to embark on the operation. Fearful of repeating, on his disastrous command, the mass slaughter of more than 500,000 soldiers during World War I's Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, he is terrified that if the D-Day landings fail, he will be remembered as the architect of the war's greatest carnage. It is Churchill's brilliant and unflappable wife Clementine who keeps him strong during those dark and possibly dire days. By injecting into her husband ever more confidence, courage and conviction-and acting as both an emotional blanket and a personal sounding board, “Clemmie” halts the exceedingly unwell Winston's physical and mental collapse, inspiring him to become a true hero of his age and Britain's most celebrated leader.  Rated PG; 105 min.  Discussion and refreshments to follow screening.


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