Staying Healthy Seminar Series - Maintaining Ideal Cardiac Health

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Learn & Understand Your 10 - 30 Year Risk of Developing Heart DiseaseThis program is appropriate for adults of all ages.
Heart disease continues to be the number one killer of both men and women. Maintaining Ideal Cardiac Healthis an interactive discussion on cardiac risk factors and maintenance of cardiac health, with Dr. Gerard Freisinger.
яCertified St. Anthony lab technicians will be available to draw blood for good cholesterol levels (no need to fast).
яBlood pressure measurements and fasting glucose levels will also be available. (Note that for a fasting blood sugar, one should not eat or drink anything but water for eight hours before a blood test.)
If you know your recent fasting blood sugars and cholesterol profiles, bring your numbers to the program.
яAn online risk calculator will be discussed and analyzed by Dr. Freisinger. This calculator can determine 10- to 30-year risk of developing adverse cardiac events. Participants will have the opportunity to enter their data into the calculator and determine their cardiac risk.

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