Warwick Working Together - Toward a More Perfect Union 2: Bonds & Boundaries

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Join Beverly Braxton for a discussion of the Bonds and Boundaries of our community. 

Our common life is shaped by the ways that we come together in groups. Americans link up with each other in so many ways. Sometimes geography brings us together in a neighborhood or town. Sometimes we come together through organizations or institutions. Sometimes we choose the groups we belong to; sometimes they come with birth or shared history.  Learning where and how people connect also reveals where they don't connect. Communities or groups create bonds and boundaries, insiders and outsiders.  When people don't feel welcome or comfortable, when they feel they're being cut out or threatened, it affects the spirit of the entire community. Learning how our actions or attitudes affect each other will prepare us to imagine what it would take to create a better life together.

Refreshments will be served.  Attendance at previous sessions is not required.

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