Wickham Lake: The rich ‘Natural and Unnatural History’ of Orange County’s most mysterious waterbody.

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 6:30pm - 7:45pm
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So remarkably picturesque is Wickham Lake that in 1700, it won the eye of Dr. Samuel Staats, who settled nearby after stumbling upon Wickham while setting off to claim 2000 acres in Ulster County. In ensuing centuries, Wickham has inspired artists, pilots, farmers and sportsmen. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of wild swampland, home to over 20 species of fish, over 20 of amphibian, 8 turtle species and countless species of nesting birds, Wickham Lake presents an exceptional model of biodiversity rarely seen in 21st century New York.

Join ecologist/historian Jay Westerveld for an evening presentation on Wickham Lake’s “Natural and Unnatural History”, featuring highlights of his research at Wickham Lake with the biologists of the New York Natural History council.

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Jay Westerveld sugarloafny@yahoo.com
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