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Book Review: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson


Hi everybody! Ruth, our intern, wrote you all a review of Brandon Sanderson’s latest novel, Steelheart. Copies are available in the new YA section, but you can go here and place it on hold. And now for Ruth’s review (thanks)! Enjoy!

“Calamity came over a decade ago.  In its aftermath some were given great powers and became known as Epics, but there are no superheroes.  The Epics are cruel tyrants ruling with fear and battling among themselves.  Steelheart rules what was once Chicago with no one daring to stand against him.  Until the Reckoners come.  This small underground group of rebels dares to fight the Epics and bring them down.

Ten years ago David saw his father killed at the hands of Steelheart and has vowed revenge.  He has studied everything he can about the Epics, their powers and weaknesses, to be able to plan how to defeat the seemingly invincible Steelheart.  He also studied the Reckoners and manages to get caught up in one of their missions in the hopes of joining them. David’s knowledge impresses the group enough to give him a shot and develop his plan to take Steelheart out.  David saw Steelheart bleed once. Will he see him bleed again?

Brandon Sanderson’s newest YA novel is a fast-paced, riveting adventure in a dystopian future of superpowers with no heroes in sight to save the day.  Intricate world-building, strong characters and an exciting plot make this a must read.”

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