Top 5 Feminist Fantasy Choices for Your Summer Reading

Our Book Hipsters are hard at work putting together their Top 5 lists for the Teen Summer Newsletter. Want a sneak peek? Read on for the expanded version of one of our own AWPL Book Hipsters. Lauranne’s Top 5 Feminist Fantasy Books is below! If you like her style, be sure to check out her own blog. And be sure to look out for the annual Summer Newsletter, where you’ll find all of our summer programs and events, as well as great suggestions for your summer reading.

Feminist Fantasy by Lauranne, 16

1. Tamora Pierce is an excellent author of many series about strong, female characters, including lady nights, magicians, spies, and members of a city’s guard. My favorite setting is her kingdom of Tortall. This world has several series, The Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, Protector of the Small, the Trickster’s books, and the Beka Cooper series (each containing two to four books), set in it. Younger YA readers may be interested in her Winding Circle Universe, which also has several series set in it.

2. The Throne of Glass Series, by Sarah J. Mass, is set in a world where magic has died. In the first book, the imprisoned and most feared assassin in the world, Celaena Sardothien enters a contest to win her freedom. In the palace of the tyrannical king who rules the world, however, there is something stalking her and her fellow competitors. The sequel, Crown of Midnight, as well as The Assassin’s Blade, a collection of novellas describing Celaena’s past, are out. The third book, Heir of Fire, is expected to come out in September.

3. A Widdershins Adventure, by Ari Marmell, is about a witty thief named Widdershins, hiding from a dark past. Her closest ally is a god named Olgun, who rides in her mind. Unfortunately, something horrible is haunting her city, and she is in mortal danger. There are several books out in this series, the first one being Thief’s Covenant.

4. Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen is good for the lovers of old legend. Robin Hood is recreated in this story following his fellow outlaw, Will Scarlet- who happens to be a girl in disguise and is on the run from her past. The band of thieves, who are trying to protect Nottingham, are further endangered by the arrival of the thief-taker, Guy of Gisbourne, who is connected to Scarlet’s past. The second book in this series is Lady Thief.

5. Foiled, by Jane Yolen, is an urban fantasy graphic novel, which is a change of pace from the other books listed. Aliera Castairs loves to fence, but is a social outcast. She is beginning to wonder where she fits in, but her strange fencing foil, and a boy in her class who may be a troll- literally, might be the answers to her question. This light read is continued in Curses, Foiled Again!

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