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PS4 @ the Library!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday! This week, stop by the library for some quality time with the PS4 we have on loan. I’ve reserved the Board Room for the dates and times below, so stop in and play a few games. We have Need for Speed: Rivals, Madden 25, FIFA 14, and Just Dance 2014. (OK, Just Dance will be tricky in the Board Room. Let me know if you want to play Just Dance, and I’ll check into getting a bigger room with less furniture.)

No registration necessary. Walk-ins welcome.

PS4 Schedule:

  • Thursday, Dec. 26th, 2pm to 4pm
  • Friday, Dec. 27th, 2pm to 4pm
  • Saturday, Dec. 28th, 2pm to 4pmPlayStation4-FeaturedImage
  • Monday, Dec. 30th, 2pm to 4pm
  • Friday, Jan. 3rd, 2pm to 4pm
  • Saturday, Jan. 4th, 2pm to 4pm


Happy gaming!



Volunteers Needed for the Spy Camp Lock-In

Looking for some community service hours? The Spy Camp Lock-In on Saturday, December 7th, needs your help! We have an ambitious line up of games and activities, and a few good volunteers would really make a difference.

We are going to make something like this. Want to help?

We are going to make something like this. Want to help?

Some of the things you’ll be doing:

  • blowing up balloons for the minefield
  • stringing red crepe paper for the laser beam obstacle course
  • gathering marshmallows from the mini catapults
  • popping all of those balloons at the end of the program

If you’re interested, contact me (Dianne) at the Help Desk at (845) 986-1047 ext. 3 or via email at

Volunteers interested in setting up should arrive by 4pm. Volunteers who would like to help clean up should be prepared to stay until 9:30pm. Bring along any paperwork you need signed to prove your volunteer hours, and I’ll sign it that evening.

Thanks, everyone!

Teen Advisory Board Updates

Thanks to all of you who came out for last week’s Teen Advisory Board meeting. It was nice to see some new faces! Without further ado, I’d like to name this year’s TAB officers. Congratulations!

  • Senior President: Faith Wilkins
  • Senior Vice President: Kate Kisor
  • Senior Secretaries: Hannah Tucker & Jennifer Loboccetta

Our senior officers help run meetings, make school visits, promote high school programs, and more!

  • Junior President: Lizzie Lepre
  • Junior Vice President: Taylor Nelson

Our junior officers suggest and promote middle school programs and lead us off on our “Last Best Book?” wrap up at the end of every meeting.

So what else happened at the last meeting? We made some decisions about our Halloween Lock-In, which will take place on Oct. 26th from 5pm to 9pm. TAB has planned a bunch of fun things to scare and entertain you, so please come! You must be in 6th grade or older to attend.

Our Halloween Lock-In will feature:

  • A haunted house (really!!)
  • Cosplay contest
  • Pin the head on the zombie
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Halloween trivia contest
  • Bobbing for apples
  • And a chance to share your own ghost story (or just listen to others…)

You can register for the Halloween Lock-In right here or call the Help Desk at (845) 986-1047 ext. 3. See you there!

Meet Jennifer Castle!

you look different in real lifeMeet Jennifer Castle, author of You Look Different in Real Life and The Beginning of After at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival! Read her interview below by Bria Metzger, 15, of Warwick Valley High School.

BRIA: How did you come up with the characters? Are they inspired by anyone you know?

JENNIFER: The characters came to me in different ways. Of course, I thought about Justine first. I wanted her to be really talented and witty, but insecure and also a little bit angry. She’s not based on me, but I did give her my snark, my body-image struggles, and my love of sneakers! Rory was inspired by the many kids I know, of various ages, who have an autism spectrum disorder. The other characters were all “stereotypes” I wanted to put a twist on with an unexpected side. I see the five of them like puzzle pieces who fit together in different, fascinating ways.
BRIA: Did the characters change from your original thoughts? Did they evolve past your expectations?

JENNIFER: That’s a great question! Characters always change as you write a novel. You can only develop them so much before they start actually doing stuff in your story, and that’s why I don’t get too detailed in the beginning. You get the basics down, like their general interests and personality, their family situation and ethnicity, maybe their general physical appearance. Then they tend to start behaving in certain ways and saying certain things on their own as you write, and often surprise you. With YOU LOOK DIFFERENT IN REAL LIFE, that happened a lot, and I had to change some of my plans to allow for it. I feel like it makes for authentic, living-and-breathing characters in the end.
BRIA: Justine listens to the song “Heroes” in the car. It’s the only song that was named and not described. Why did you feel it was important to name that song, and what was its significance to you?

JENNIFER: I usually shy away from naming songs in my work, because I feel like it can alienate a reader if they’re not familiar with the music. But I took a chance by mentioning “Heroes,” because it was a very important song to me as I was writing this book. I always create a “writing playlist” of music I listen to when working on something — not when I’m actually writing, because that’s too distracting — but when I take breaks to brainstorm, usually going for walks with my headphones on. I’ve always loved David Bowie and this song in particular. I heard it randomly when I was first developing YOU LOOK DIFFERENT IN REAL LIFE, and it just stjennifer castleruck something in me — this was the tone and feeling I imagined for the book. It’s an anthem, and I wanted the characters to have one by the end. Putting it in the narrative was my way of reminding Justine and her friends that yes, they can still be the heroes of their own stories. So can we all…
BRIA: Did you already have an idea of the ending when you started the book and work your way there? Or did it come later?

JENNIFER: I knew certain big things about the ending, but I left the particulars open so I could fill them in as I wrote my way to that point. It’s kind of like doing a connect-the-dots drawing. Your big story points are the dots. You connect them as you go, with lots of tiny but rich details along the way. Although the last chapter was something I added at my editor’s request, because she felt we needed to see more of what happens in the near future for these characters. It’s very hard to know when to end a book, especially this one, because I love Justine, Rory, Nate, Felix, and Keira so much I wanted to keep telling their stories!
BRIA: What gave you the idea to write this book? 

JENNIFER: I’ve always been fascinated by what happens to reality TV and documentary film subjects after the cameras go away. Do they live their lives differently, like someone’s always watching? Does the way they’re portrayed on screen change the way they see themselves in real life? The possibilities of character and story seemed so juicy, I couldn’t resist. Then I started thinking about how the rise of blogging and social media has allowed pretty much everyone to make themselves the “stars” of their own documentaries. Every time we post a status, a photo, check in at a location…we’re building a narrative of our own lives. I think it’s scary-easy to share so much of ourselves, to think so obsessively about what we’re putting out there for the world to see, that we lose track of who we really are. I am also a big fan of the “Up” series of British documentaries that has followed the same group of people every seven years since they were kids, so that was a big inspiration as well.

Hedgehogs Assemble!


So I came across the adorable hedgehogs made of recycled books on Tumblr last year. Cute, no? (Check out The Hulk in the background!) Let’s make a few! When you’re at the Warwick Children’s Book Festival next weekend, look for the Friends of the Library tent where we’ll have a free hedgehog-crafting station. Learn to make your own from recycled books, or just have fun accessorizing some ready made ones. Thank you to all of you summer volunteers for the pre-made hedgehogs!

You can view more Avengers Hedgehogs here!

Teen Advisory Board elections this Saturday!

Hello everyone,

It’s time for TAB again! TAB meets this Saturday, September 21st at 2pm in the Community Room. New members are always welcome! TAB is a planning group ages 12 to 18 that meet once a month to plan teen events at the library.

Since it’s our first meeting of the season, elections will be held for our TAB officers. Serving as a TAB officer will give you great leadership skills you’ll need for National Honors Society, your college application, and even looks good to your future employer.

A few things to know about our TAB officers:

  • TAB Officers will be nominated and elected at the first meeting of each new school year by our TAB members.
  • Officer positions will be President, Vice President, and Secretary. There will be two sets of each, one set of high school students (Senior Officers) and one set of middle school students (Junior Officers).
  • All officers should be prepared to discuss ideas for upcoming teen programs at the library. All ideas can be emailed directly to the Teen Advisor to be included on the next meeting’s agenda.
  • In addition to contributing program ideas, officers should all be involved in actively promoting these programs to other teens.
  • Meeting agendas will be emailed to all officers at least one week prior to each meeting. Officers are free to make changes. Please email the Teen Advisor and all other officers with any changes made.
  • Officers’ meetings will be held once every two months beyond the regularly scheduled TAB meetings for Senior Officers.

Interested?We’ll be going over all of the individual duties of each officer before nominations are held. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, or email me directly at

See you there!


Upcoming College Programs at AWPL

Hello seniors! (And some of you juniors!) We have several upcoming college preparation programs coming up in the next few months. Check them out!


How to Write an Outstanding College Application Essay

Sept. 23rd, 6:30 to 7:30pm

Jill Mante will share tips and tricks for writing your best college application essay in this one hour lecture. This is great preparation for the one-on-one session!


College Application Essay One-on-One Help

Sept. 30th, Call Help Desk for Appointment at (845) 986-1047 ext. 3

Get one-on-one help with your college application essay! Jill Mante will be on hand to help you shape your essay. You must come prepared with a rough draft.


Now You Tell Me! 12 College Students Give the Best Advice They Never Got

Book Signing with Anya Settle

Oct. 8, 6pm to 8pm

Get insider tips from someone with experience! Warwick graduate and author Anya Settle (class of 2008) will sign copies and discuss her new book, Now You Tell Me! 12 College Students Give the Advice They Never Got. Open to students and parents.


College Application Boot Camp

Oct. 16th, 6pm to 8pm

Finish your college application in one session! Joshua Marber will lead you through the whole process in one shot!


Choosing the Right College

October 30th 6pm to 8pm

Admissions councilor Joshua Marber will show you how to begin your search for the right college for you. Get tips on making the most of your college visits and more! Open to teens and parents.

Interview with K.L. Going

fat kid rules the world


Who’s coming to the Warwick Children’s Book Festival on Sept. 28th? K.L. Going will be there! She’s written several Young Adult books, including Saint Iggy, King of the Screw-Ups, and of course, Fat Kid Rules the World, which some of you may remember as a Battle of the Books choice from 2012. She’ll be signing books AND giving a talk about being an author and getting published at 2:30pm in the Park Avenue Elementary School library. Recently, Warwick sophomore Lauranne Wolfe interviewed her via email. Learn more about K.L. Going and her work below.

Lauranne:  What made you decide to become a writer?
K.L. Going:  I always loved to write as a hobby, but it took a long time for me to consider turning that hobby into a career. In the end, it was a combination of perseverance and opportunity. I kept honing my craft, so when the right story came along, I was able to write it.

Lauranne: Are any elements in your novels based on your own life experiences?

K.L. Going:  A writer always draws from their own life. I don’t directly copy people or events though. Instead, I use the feelings I remember from my own history to infuse my stories with emotion.

Lauranne: What inspired you to write your first book, Fat Kid Rules the World?

K.L. Going: I was listening to Nirvana and researching the history of punk rock, and the idea came to me to write about a kid who gets roped into being the drummer for a punk rock band even though he doesn’t actually know how to play the drums. The idea felt new, and I was able to come up with a compelling voice for Troy, so I decided to go with it.

Lauranne: What sort of research do you do for your writing?

K.L. Going: Actually, I do a lot of research and it’s a fun part of my job. I end up researching the craziest things – what makes parrots talk, when did Star Wars come out, who was president in 1954, men’s fashion, apple orchards, horse back riding, drumming, the history of young adult literature… you name it!

Lauranne: What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring writer?

K.L. Going: Live a great life. The more you experience, the more you’ll have to draw from to create inspiring stories.