Normally, the Library holds an election for approval of the upcoming fiscal year’s tax levy to fund the Library and to fill any vacancies on Library's Board of Trustees. 

Because of of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library's Board of Trustees voted on 3/17/2020 to cancel the 3/31/2020 public hearing and the 4/14/20 tax levy and Trustee vote.  The public hearing will not be rescheduled, as the Board of Trustees has decided not to seek an increase in the Library's operating tax levy for 2020/2021.  Funding for the Library's 2020/2021 fiscal year will be the same as that approved by voters for 2019/2020.  The public will only vote on filling 2 Trustee positions, included on the WVCSD budget vote of 2020.  For complete details, please refer to this legal notice.

Two people are running to fill the two available Trustee positions for 5-year terms; following are their statements.

Nora Aman-Gurvich:  It has been a privilege to be an elected Trustee of the Albert Wisner Public Library for the past 10 years. During this historic and unprecedented time, maintaining the needs of the patrons takes reimagining traditional ways of serving the community. The thoughtful response to community needs and priorities, and the true compassion and devotion of the staff will always set this library apart from others, and why it remains the best small library in America.  Warwick is a town that values community connections, and creates change when change is needed. It is filled with people with ingenuity, and with the determination to make a difference. I see this every day in my encounters with the staff and board of the Library, people who care about the quality of their work, imparting integrity in decision making and programming, and listening to and valuing the community, their neighbors.  Thank you for trusting me with your vote as I continue to uphold the mission of the library and serve the community. 

Mark Damia:  I am a 35-year resident of Warwick and an information technology professional with over 40 years of experience.   My technical and management expertise make me uniquely qualified to serve as a board member.   With the challenges that lie ahead of us, I believe the library will continue to strengthen itself as a trusted source of knowledge, digital media, and safe entertainment.   It would be an honor to serve my community and the library in its continued evolution and growth.

Governor Cuomo has directed that this election be done via the U. S. Mail using absentee ballots.  All residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District who are registered to vote will receive an absentee ballot in the mail and may participate in this election. If a person has previously registered to vote with the School District and has voted at an annual or special school district meeting within the last four calendar years, that person is eligible to vote at this election.  If an eligible voter is currently registered to vote with the Orange County Board of Elections, that person is eligible to vote at this election.  All other persons who wish to vote must register with the Orange County Board of Elections by mail or on line through the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles website at

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting closure of school buildings, and to maintain health and safety, the District Clerk will not conduct in-person registration of voters of at the School District office.   For more information, please call Rosemary Cooper, Library Director at 986-1047, ext. 6.