Author Talk with Puja Thomson: Track Your Truth

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Puja Thomson introduces her new book, Track Your Truth: Discover Your Authentic Self, which is designed to guide you to create your most meaningful life.  We are so often easily distracted from truth because we listen to others and not ourselves. However, you can become a detective, following the clues within yourself that you may have ignored or overlooked, to discover what works - and what doesn’t - in your life.  Puja will read excerpts and facilitate discussion. 

Puja A. J. Thomson draws from extensive professional and personal experience as a holistic therapist, interfaith minister and workshop leader in her native Scotland and the USA.  Other works include: After Shock: From Cancer Diagnosis To Healing, My Health & Wellness Organizer, My Hope & Focus Cancer Organizer, and Roots & Wings For Strength and Freedom, a guided imagery and meditation CD and workbook.  She is director of ROOTS & WINGS in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York. 

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