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NASA once approached a well-known musicologist and scientist and said, "We're sending a rocket into deep space and want to include a representation of the music of the human race. What do you recommend we send?"  He responded, "Well, I'd suggest the complete works of J. S. Bach - but that would be bragging."  And how right he was.  Johann Sebastian Bach literally and figuratively wrote the book on how music works.  The forms, harmonies, progressions we use today were outlined by him more than 300 years ago.  His influence is everywhere.  In this class we'll listen to some of the remarkable works he left us, and learn why they are so remarkable.

Barry Wiesenfeld is an internationally-respected musician who has toured on three continents, performed and recorded with Grammy- and RMI-winning artists, and has appeared on radio and TV.  In addition to performing and lecturing, Barry teaches for Ramapo College and SUNY.

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