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When musicologists refer to the "Three Bs of Music," they generally mean Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. ,But that list presumes we're limiting ourselves to the classical world. ,If we shed that shackle and widen our horizons, another indisputable "B" must be The Beatles.  The Beatles did for pop music what Beethoven did for the classical world: mastered what came before them and then took us all in a new direction.  In this class, we'll explore some of the innovations that qualifies them for this lofty list.  Lyrics, instrumentation, studio techniques (and more) will all be discussed. Join us!


Barry Wiesenfeld is an internationally-respected musician who has toured on three continents, performed and recorded with Grammy- and RMI-winning artists, and has appeared on radio and TV. In addition to performing and lecturing, Barry teaches for Ramapo College and SUNY.

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