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Millions of American women contributed to the drive for the vote in the United States, and New York State was home to many leaders of the movement. However, the suffrage leaders who are most recognized today – Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton – did not actually achieve their goal, since both died before the suffrage victory.  Most New Yorkers do not realize that women in NYS won the vote in 1917 – three years before the national constitutional amendment was passed.
So, who was responsible for winning the vote for women, and why was New York the first state east of the Mississippi to allow women full suffrage in all elections?  Susan Lewis (Professor Emerita, SUNY New Paltz) will move beyond the well-known Seneca Falls Declaration of 1848 to introduce a new set of strategies and cast of characters:  Miriam Leslie, Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. Russell Sage, Mary Garret Hay, and a flock of leaflet-dropping aviatrixes, among others.
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