Warwick Community Art Show Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Fourteen local artists have joined together to create a tribute to “The Earth, Our Home."  Take a stroll through our virtual gallery on the home page and see how our beautiful planet has inspired these artists.  Their comments about their artwork appear below.  To purchase any artwork, please email Kathleen Georgalas at:  kgeorgal@rcls.org.

Note:  to view an image without the title overlay, right click and select "view image." 

Sarah McHugh:  Autumn Marshes  (oil on canvas; 16" x 20"; $750)

Aside from their natural aesthetic beauty, our marshes are highly important to the environment and to the health and wellbeing of our planet.  Dominated by herbaceous plants critical to our biological ecosystems, these wetlands sequester and absorb pollutants, improve our water quality and provide a home to 1/3 of the world's endangered species.

Karen Segboer:  Stop  (oil; 20" x 24"; not for sale)

It’s hard to believe it’s been fifty years since that first Earth Day.  I was a college girl, an art student, and I remember participating in the various events on campus to commemorate the day.  I’d recently painted a piece showing “the end,” depicting the possible desolate results because of the way we treat our planet, complete with a warning sign at the edge of a cliff - maybe a little bit dire for such a young person.  But I wonder today how close to that edge we’ve come?  Do we need more than a stop sign?  I think we do.  This painting was completed over 50 years ago.

Marcy Talbot:  Late Afternoon (watercolor; 8" x 10"; $130)

This painting represents my emotional response to the beauty of our natural world and the hope that we will remain constant in our environmental stewardship.

Pat Foxx:  Ever Evolving  (Acrylic on untreated canvas; embellishments include metal, fabric, thread and found objects; 31" x 30"; $300)

The magnitude of our universe is  awe-inspiring.  At this time, we are struggling to maintain our sense of life on Earth, which has been changed immeasurably.  We can remember how miniscule we are in the big picture, but also how great our accomplishments are in the face of challenge.

Diane Sudol:  Into the Mist  (watercolor; 9" x 12"; not for sale)

I was fortunate to experience this magical sunset night in Warwick last year.  It had rained earlier in the day and as the sun was setting, a mist lifted up, creating an amazing scene. I am always grateful for the beautiful place where we live, but this night was a special gift that I will always treasure.

Diane Kominick-Ouzoonian:  Earth, My Inspiration (photography; 14" x 17"; $100)

From a very early age, I have always been drawn to nature.  When I think of the earth, it inspires me to paint landscapes expressing the peaceful beauty around me.  This photo represents artwork I painted of the four seasons:  Winter - bare trees and snowy ground; Spring - strong shadows; Summer - beside a lake; Fall - a walk through the woods.

Donna Haley:  Warwick Night Clouds II (watercolor on rough arches; 51.5" x 66"; smaller prints on William Turner watercolor paper starting at $500)

Earth and sky here in Warwick are one and the same to me, especially when they commingle at dusk.  Seen while walking down McFarland Drive toward our Library.

Susan Hope Fogel:  Afternoon at Pulpit Rock  (pastel; $2,400)

When I moved to Warwick in 1985 I was a portrait / figurative painter.  It did not take long for me to be so inspired by the landscape that I had to start painting it.  This painting was completed in 1995 ... since then, the tree on the right has fallen and my painting style has changed, but my reverence for this land is just as strong as ever.  Currently  there is a plan to build a hotel complex on this land.  There is also a public outcry to stop the development on this historical, sacred land.  If interested in joining your voice in this effort, you can join the Facebook group:  Village Greenbelt Preservation Society.

J. Ellen Dolce:  Genesis Chapter 1, Verses 3-24 (gouache; 5" x 7"; not for sale)

This picture is also inspired by a hymn my Sunday school class used to sing on Children's Day called "For the Beauty of the Earth."  Some of the verses go like this:
"For the beauty of the earth, For the splendor of the skies, For the love which from our birth over and around us lies -
For the wonder of each hour, of the day and of the night, hill and vale, and tree and flow'r, sun and moon, and stars of light -
Lord of all to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise.”

Leila Noueihed:  Ceremonial Moment  (acrylic on canvas; 24" x 36"; $450)

I chose to paint our getting together to heal our earth and the positive energy in keeping the faith.

Dorothy Zwerin:  Lake Louise, Canada (9" x 12"; not for sale)

Can we promise future generations that Lake Louise area will be as pristine??

Jane Doughty:  Autumn Mushrooms (pastel; not for sale)

Kim LukasBirdwatching on a Foggy Day (watercolor on paper; 9" x 12")

James VanGelderNowhere to Run (watercolor and collage; 9" x 12"; price upon request)

Inspired by the Audubon program "Survival By Degrees."  As the climate warms, suitable habitat will shift ever farther to the north, forcing populations of birds and other organisms northward also.

Roslyn Fassett:  Moon in Water (oil; 34" x 28"; $700)