Mission Statement

Albert Wisner Public Library is the community's favorite place to meet, to learn and to discover.  The Library daily connects people to each other and to the world.


The purpose of Library programs at Albert Wisner Public Library is to fulfill the Library’s mission statement and the goals set forth in the Library’s Strategic Plan. Goals related to programs are:

1.  All community members will see the Library as a destination of choice where they can find unique programs, services and resources to enrich their lives and opportunities to connect with others.

2.  The community will be aware of and have access to updated technology, information in a variety of formats, educational programs and training to meet their needs for life-long learning.

3.  Library users of all ages will be aware of and have access to popular materials in a variety of formats and programs, and to services that expand their knowledge of contemporary culture and issues.


Library programs must be non-commercial.  Presenters may be professionals or business people, but the information presented must be generic in nature.  No solicitation for business will be permitted. The sale of products at a Library program is not allowed, with 2 exceptions:
1.  Because the Library wants to encourage reading, writing and an appreciation for culture, writers, performers, and artists may obtain Library approval to sell their own works at the Library following Library programs.
2.  The Friends of the Library may sell items at the Library programs that the Friends sponsor.

Selection of topics, courses, classes, events and their presenters will be made by Library staff on the basis on interests and needs of Library users, the community and compatibility with the Library’s mission and goals.  Program planning will take into consideration the presenter's qualifications, professional experience and credentials in the content area; availability and suitability of program space; budget and staffing considerations.  Library programs will not exclude topics deemed controversial.  Presentation of such programs does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Library of the topic, content, or views expressed by the presenter. 

Library programs will not duplicate programs offered elsewhere within the community, unless they support the Library's mission and strategic goals, there is sufficient local interest, and Library resources are available to support duplication. 

The Library will co-sponsor programs with other educational or cultural institutions, community organizations, and businesses when they are compatible with the Library's mission and goals.  Co-sponsored programs must include either participation by Library staff to plan and develop program content, provide logistical support, or include information about Library collections relevant to the program. Co-sponsorship and collaboration decisions are made on the basis of mutual needs and equitable benefits between the Library and potential partners.  The Library also considers the expertise, quality and experience of the speaker/performer in deciding whether to co-sponsor a program.  The Library reserves the right not to co-sponsor a program for any reason.  Should the Library decide not to co-sponsor a program, businesses/organizations or individuals may be eligible to reserve Library space for their program without Library co-sponsorship.

Registration and Attendance

Library programs will be free and open to residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District.  The Library reserves the right to set age limits for all programs.  For planning reasons, registration will be required for most events, with priority initially given to residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District. The Library reserves the right to cap the attendance at events due to the wishes of the presenter or for space/safety considerations.  A wait list will be compiled and efforts will be made to confirm attendance prior to the event or program. 

The Library reserves the right to cancel a program.  Programs scheduled on a day when the Library is closed due to inclement weather are automatically cancelled.  Rescheduling is at the discretion of the Library.

Efforts will be made to reach out to those who cannot or do not come to the Library by offering programs at alternative sites in the community.


The Library staff will be responsible for press releases and public notification for Library programs, but not for programs that are not presented or co-sponsored by the Library.

The Library welcomes feedback about programming from its patrons.  Expressions of concern should be directed either to the Library Director or to the Assistant to the Director. 

[Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees 2/21/06; amended by the Library Board of Trustees 6/18/19.]

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