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    1990) Starring John Goodman and Jeff Daniels.  Most horror movies depend on giant monsters; Arachnophobia gets just as many thrills out of creatures only a few inches long! A scientist who's hunting a vicious new species of spider in Venezuela unknowingly ships one back to the U.S. It ends up in a small town where a new doctor is trying to establish a practice. When his patients start suddenly dying, he suspects spiders--but no one takes him seriously because he's had a phobia about spiders since childhood. Arachnophobia builds a slow but relentless sense of menace and creepiness, mixed with a sneaky satire of small town life. Rated PG-13; 1 hour, 49 min.

    AWPL Community Room
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     By appointment only. Do you have a question about your device? Do you need help sending attachments in your emails? Do you want to know more about useful apps to put on your phone? Who better than a teen to help with these issues? You can request an appointment at the help desk. Our teens are ready to help you!

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