Burt Store

This photo was graciously loaned to me by Florence Tate, Town of Warwick Historian and dates to 1874 or 1875. It shows the original Burt Store location on the right and another building on the left(where the arrow points) that I have not yet identified. If you can help identify it please email me

This is a picture of the original Burt store in about 1905.

I have recently been in contact with some one researching the Burt family and was told that this building was actually the barn on the Burt Homestead and that it was converted into a store. This seems very plausible to me as the appearance of it suggests the look of a barn with an addition to the front. This building was located on the left side of where the Mill Pond driveway is now. It was demolished some time around 1910. An 1823-1826 ledger was rescued from the building and is in the collection of the Warwick Historical Society.
Stephen Augustus Burt
ran a general store business here for 49 years and 8 months.