This is what the top of Mt Peter used to look like. At various times it was also called Point Peter.

This is an old postcard photo from the early 1900's

From the Bellvale Rising Star" The arrival of a number of guests has necessitated the opening of the Point Peter House one month earlier than last season(July 15,1889)

"Making Hay While the Sun Shines"
This postcard is of the original Mt. Peter House at the top of the mountain. It was operated by Michael Batz at the turn of the century. This is not the same building as in the above postcard. This was on the left side of the road if you are going from Greenwood Lake to Warwick. The above house was on the right side of the road. The building burned down and no longer exists. Thank you to the Batz family for the postcard!

Above is another view of the Mt. Peter House. If you look carefully in the center you can see the image of the Point Peter House in the background (the white building).

The following description is from the Bellvale Rising Star p19:
"The roadway up and over the Bellvale mountain to Greenwood Lake, now being so much used, is in excellent condition for the summer travel, and the huckster's wagons are already making things lively for the patronage of the residents around the Lake" and in anotherparagraph: "The roadway, up and over the mountain begins to be illuminated with the best rigs of the Orange County young man, with his best girl dressed in her new spring suit; and as we rustic wayfarers look on and enjoy the pageant, we conclude there is some of the country folks that don't intend to take a "back seat" on style. Some of these couples look "just too lovely for anything".

An early view of Greenwood Lake from Mt. Peter


The above postcard made my husband and me so curious about where this rock was and the real size of it. We looked everytime we drove over the mountain but had no luck all summer. One day in December(no leaves on trees!) my husband came home from work all excited and said he thought he had found it(not that a rock that size could easily be missed) That weekend we went for a short hike and sure enough we found it. There is no mistaking it-even the white striations are still there.

The Hanging Rock on the road to Mt. Peter-see if you can find it next time you drive over the mountain! Let me know if you find it! email me


Roger Gavan wrote in and sent this photo to show he and his wife Terry had found the rock.
Good work - Thanks for the photo!



* from personal collection