The Library Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members elected by the residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District.  Board members each serve a term of five years.  The Board of Trustees meets monthly at the Library on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm. 

The public is welcome to attend.  Guests may participate during the Public Comment portion of the meeting upon being recognized and invited to speak by the President of the Board.  Comments are limited to 3 minutes per person.  In the interest of time, speakers are encouraged to add new perspectives to those of prior speakers, and not reiterate points already made.

Mark Damia, President (current term:  2020-2025)
Nora Aman-Gurvich, Vice President (current term:  2020-2025)
Regina Wittosch, Financial Officer (current term:  2018-2023. Reelected on 4/4/23 to another term, 7/1/2023-6/30/2028.)
Colleen Larsen, Secretary (current term:  2019-2024)
Mary Berrigan (current term:  2021-2024)
Barbara Johansen (current term:  2022-2027)
Dr. Wayne Rossi (current term:  2021-2026)