Albert Wisner Public Library

The Albert Wisner Public Library welcomes donations of books and other materials. Donated books are sometimes used to augment the Library’s collection. They are also used for the Book Sales held periodically.

Years of experience with donations and book sales have yielded insights as to what types of materials are useful and how Library staff can effectively manage donations. The Library is sincerely grateful for the generosity of individuals wishing to donate materials; however, experience has taught us that the following guidelines are necessary:

Gift materials are evaluated according to the Library’s Collection Development Policy. Acceptance of gifts does not guarantee their inclusion in the Library’s collection. No guarantee is made that any gift selected for use in the Library’s collection will be a permanent part of the Library’s collection.

The Library reserves the right to use donations for the Library’s collection or for the Book Sale. If the material is determined to be inappropriate for either the collection or the Book Sale, the Library reserves the right to discard it.

The evaluation and disposition of gift materials is the responsibility of Library staff authorized by the Library Director.

Donations must be in acceptable physical condition. Items smelling of mildew will be refused. Such items should be discarded at home. Items which have yellowed or stained pages; are written in or have underlining; have broken spines; or are damp and musty are not accepted.

Donations of Local History materials are encouraged. Warwick Valley High School Year Books are especially desirable.
Magazines are not accepted.**
Textbooks are not accepted.

Encyclopedias published before 1980 are not accepted.
Receipts given by the Library to donors are limited to a general acknowledgment that a gift was received. Assignment of value for income tax and other purposes is the responsibility of the donor. The Library does not appraise materials nor endorse appraisals provided by donors.

The donor is responsible for delivering all donations to the Circulation Desk. Library staff cannot provide assistance in bringing donations into the Library.

Due to space considerations, only small quantities of donated materials (no more than a dozen) are acceptable at any one time. Larger quantities can only be considered on a case by case basis by appointment.

** The following community agencies may find magazines useful: schools, preschools, community center, churches, hospital and nursing facilities.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 2/20/01