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Does your voice feel tired, effortful, or unreliable? In this class you will learn exercises, stretches, and tips along with an understanding of vocal anatomy to empower your vocal self care. You will gain knowledge, tools, and exercises for voice users of all types. (not just singers) Learn from the founder and owner of SomaVoce, Jody Weatherstone. She offers breathwork, vocal toning, improvisation, and gentle movement to assist her clients in releasing stuck energy and becoming more empowered and expressive. Jody will guide you to strengthen, release, and energize your own voice. Ashley Miller, LMT will teach you self massage techniques and stretches for your neck. This is not a singing class, however you will be making sound as a group. You will leave with exercises and tools from both Jody and Ashley to empower you to understand and care for your own voice.

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