Library Out Loud is the Library's occasional podcast, launched in late 2015 to highlight interesting people and stories of Warwick. Please check back periodically for new interviews.  Interviews are listed below chronologically, the last one being the most recent.  Click on the link provided:

1.  Susan Supak interviews stand-up comedians Will Durst and Johnny Steele on the eve of the premiere of 3 Still Standing, a documentary about Durst, Steele and fellow comedian Larry Brown, at the Woodstock Film Festival.  Interview recorded 9/30/15 at Albert Wisner Public Library.  

2.  Susan Supak interviews agricultural stylist Amy Lewis upon installation of her sculpture exhibit on the grounds of Albert Wisner Public Library.  Interview recorded 10/5/15 at Albert Wisner Public Library. 

3.  Susan Supak interviews ceramic artist Marion Grebow upon the unveiling of the historical tile mural designed and created by Ms. Grebow for the Library.  Interview recorded 11/15/15 at Albert Wisner Public Library. 

4.  Susan Supak interviews scientists Dr. Charles Holmes and Dr. William Makofske upon the Library's fall 2015 commemoration of the centennial of Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.  Interview recorded 12/15/15 at Albert Wisner Public Library.

5.  Susan Supak interviews Warwick archaeologist Brad Phillips upon the opening of Stone Age Warwick, an exhibit of Stone Age artifacts from local collections on display at the Library in February 2016.  The artifacts provide evidence of habitation of Warwick from the Paleolithic Era forward to the Woodland Period.  Interview recorded 1/28/16 at Albert Wisner Public Library. 

6.  Susan Supak interviews Anthony Speiser upon Mr. Speiser's discussion at the Library of the life and works of landscape artist Jasper Francis Cropsey (1823-1900).  Cropsey was a renowned member of the Hudson River School, a 19th century movement in American art that emphasized realism in portraying nature.  He designed, built, lived and worked at his palatial estate Aladdin, in Warwick, NY, before relocating in the mid-1880s to Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.  A significant part of Cropsey's body of work portrays scenes of Warwick and its surroundings.  Interview recorded 2/26/2016 at Albert Wisner Public Library.

7.  Susan Supak interviews Warwick resident Ken Stewart about his memories of working at the Warwick State Training School for Boys as a social worker from 1960-1968.  The facility closed in 1976.  It reopened in 1977 as the Mid-State Correctional Facility and finally closed in 2011.  A portion of the property now comprises the Warwick Valley Office & Technology Corporate Park; over 600 remaining acres of the 733-acre campus were rededicated in September 2015 as the Wickham Woodlands for recreational, non-commercial use.

8.  Susan Supak interviews professional photographer William "Billy" Neumann on his passion for bees and beekeeping.  The interview is accompanied by photos of Billy offering a beekeeping presentation at Albert Wisner Public Library in the spring of 2016. 

9.  Susan Supak interviews Carleton Carpenter on his illustrious career in Hollywood with MGM Studios, and as a songwriter, magician and novelist.  He continues performing to this day, and recently released a memoir, The Absolute Joy of Work:  from Vermont to Broadway, Hollywood and Damn Near 'Round the World.  The interview was held on November 14, 2016 at Albert Wisner Public Library. 

10.  Susan Supak interviews Dr. Charles Holmes and Dr. William Makofske on the nature and impact of climate change.  The interview, conducted at Albert Wisner Public Library on March 13, 2017, was a follow-up to a 2-part program on climate change that Drs. Holmes and Makofske presented at the Library with Edward Sattler earlier in the year. 

11.  Susan Supak interviews Rosemary Cooper, Director of Albert Wisner Public Library, on her career as a public librarian and on the evolution of the role of public libraries.  The interview was conducted in October 2017 at Albert Wisner Public Library.

12.  Barbara Fink interviews Rosemary Cooper, Director of Albert Wisner Public Library, about special collections at the Library.  The interview was conducted in August 2019 at Albert Wisner Public Library. 

13.  Barbara Fink interviews Kim Gabelmann, owner of Conscious Habitat, a Warwick day spa focused on integrative health, contemplative living, self-care and making conscious, everyday choices to "add good" to one's journey.  The interview was conducted in the fall of 2019 at Albert Wisner Public Library.

14.  Barbara Fink interviews famed actress Elaine Bromka. Elaine performed her solo show Tea for Three: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty at the Library on March 6, 2020. This funny, touching, and thought-provoking show chronicles the behind the scenes lives of Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, and Betty Ford. In the interview Elaine relates stories from her long career on stage and screen along with the creation of her solo show.